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What is Abacus?

Abacus is an ancient calculating device which is now widely used to train children to perform mind math in an unbelievable speed and accuracy. Also abacus training has been scientifically accepted as a “whole brain development method”

How does it work?

Moving the abacus beads fast with fingers  helps children to activate the brain sensors. Working on abacus with both hands fast improves the brain’s processing speed. The training gives children the ability to visualize the abacus tool and move the beads in the mind abacus. Children gain the ability to solve complex calculations fast  in their mind using visualization skill.

Why Abacus in this Modern Era?

Nowadays children are spending more time in front of smart phone, tablet, laptop and T.V. Due to the screen addiction children have lost their focus, concentration and thinking ability. This is directly linked to poor academic performance. The educational specialists recommend children to engage in whole brain activities. It is proved that Abacus is a very good whole brain exercise program which connect both hemisphere of the brain and  helps to build concentration, memory and learning ability.

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