About ICAM

ICAM  Education & Learning System is one of  leading Institute  in Sri Lanka which provide whole brain development program for children. It   was incorporated in 2010,  started as a small Abacus training center under the name of Brainy Kids Abacus, Institute of Japanese Soroban Arithmetic System. Our Institute offers Brainy Kids Abacus Program, ICAM Abacus Program, Vedic Maths and Memory developmental Programs.

ICAM ELS is a team of Young & Experienced professionals, who have come together to do all our best in shaping the tomorrow’s world. We adopt the unique teaching methods such as “Child friendly Non formula method”, “ Audio Practice”, “Digital Method” & “Flash cards” to teach the students and make sure that they have strong foundation under a joyful environment.

ICAM  ELS is working closely with other  International  Abacus Associations  based on Japan, Malaysia, USA, Thaiwan, China, India and Singapore to provide the opportunity for our students to participate in International Abacus Grading Exam,  International Abacus Assessments, International Competitions and International Abacus Camps.

ICAM Abacus training is gaining more and more popularity in Sri Lanka because we have proved it leads to complete brain development in kids. Parents believe  that Abacus based learning and abacus students have a staggering advantage over traditional learning and non-abacus students. Their test scores are higher, their confidence is greater, and their opportunities in school and life outweigh their peers.

Looking into the past, we are very proud of our achievements. We aspire to give high quality services at reasonable  fee to enrich children’s self-confidence with brain development activities, which have been benefiting more than 20000 students in Sri Lanka . We always  strive to be a trusted institution to help more and more children in building their bright future with the miracle tool ABACUS.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the best  Educational  Institute in the world which helps to develop and enhance  the intelligence of our children through best Abacus Programs  and make them globally competent.

Our Mission

Our mission is to train the young minds and help them  to bring out their  hidden potential to reach greater heights in their academic life and make them face challenges in today’s complex world

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